Synth Demo: Soul Grenadier

Tech Tip: Servicing E-MU 1616m audio interface

How to fix Creative E-mu 1616m PCI audio interface. It was making a high pitched whining, whistling noise and giving MIDI errors. The problem was failed capacitors. I’ll show you how to fix it…

Grendel RA-99 Grenadier

I’m currently revising the Grendel RA-9 Grenadier from 2014. Here is a demo track with dark drones from the very unusual and powerful new RA-99. As before, this is a true analog synthesizer with nothing digital hidden inside. Availability T.B.A. Visit for future updates!

New CV sequencers + 2-Osc FM synth + Rare Waves Hydronium

Rare Waves Hydronium – Lithum Drift (synth demo)

Vocal Synthesis Demonstration

Vocal Synthesis Demonstration

Sound Effect Tips

Algorithmic Composition Demonstration

Music Analyzer Demonstration